Will you be taking the car for your vacation this year? We have lined up a number of practical tips for you.

You’ll be able to go on vacation with complete peace of mind.

Enjoy your journey!

Compulsory documents

Are you travelling outside Belgium?

Before you leave, check if you have all the necessary documents:

  • Your International Motor Insurance Card: check whether your insurance is valid in the country you’re going to. These countries are included on the back of the insurance card
  • Your vehicle registration
  • Your certificate of conformity
  • A European Accident Declaration form

ALD Assistance covers the vehicle and the passengers in case of an accident or breakdown on the road in Belgium and abroad. You need to get an extra travel assistance policy if you want coverage for unforeseen medical treatment costs abroad in which the car isn’t involved. It covers the costs of repatriating your vehicle if you’re unable to complete your travels.

On-site costs

Your dealer needs to contact ALD Automotive on +32 (0)2 706 41 41 to request a number for the approval of the repairs to your vehicle. After office hours (Monday - Thursday from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM, Friday from 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM), your call is transfered to the contact center of VAB.

If you wish to invoice a mechanical repair outside Belgium, your invoice must:

  • be the original invoice
  • be drafted in the name of AXUS nv, Kolonel Bourgstraat 120 – 1140 Brussels
  • include the VAT number: BE 0403 429 730
  • be drafted with 0% VAT (for repairs outside Belgium but within the EU)
  • include the BIC and IBAN codes if the invoice is not paid on-site at the time



Badges, Vignettes and tolls

Many countries have tolls if you want to use their road system. The payment methods may vary according to each country : some countries have tolls, others require a road-use vignette. Please see the list of countries and organise your trip.

Germany and, more recently France have developed a system to improve air quality in some of their cities. Buying eco-vignettes is therefore mandatory. For further information, visit their websites: GermanyFrance.

Compulsory Accessories

Before you leave, check you have all the accessories you require in your vehicle. It is mandatory for all Belgian drivers to have:

  • a first aid kit
  • a warning triangle
  • reflective safety vests
  • a fire extinguisher
    Alcohol testers are required in vehicles in France and Italy, but you will not be fined if you do not have one. Order breathalyser devices via our ALD store.

Car seats


Baby carrier

baby 0-10kg (rear-facing)
bel klantenservice

Baby seat

Toddler 9-18kg (forward-facing)
leen auto

Child seat

Small child 15-36kg (forward-facing)
leen auto

Safety belt

Child 36kg+
PS : Ofcourse adults also need to wear a safety belt ☺



Loading your vehicle

When loading the trunk of the vehicle:

  • 1

    place the heaviest objects at the bottom, as close to the wheels as possible.

  • 2

    avoid having hand luggage and loose objects in the vehicle. In the event of an accident or a sudden braking manoeuvre they may become dangerous projectiles that can seriously injure passengers.

Baggage rack or roof box:

  • 1

    We advise checking the maximum load permitted for your bagage rack, roof box and vehicle in the manuals.

  • 2

    If possible, it is better to use a roof box. This solution is safer and more aerodynamic, reducing your fuel consumption.

Transporting bikes

  • 1

    Bikes are only permitted to be transported on a bike rack that can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle or attached to the tow bar or the back of the car.

  • 2

    It is better to place bikes behind the vehicle when travelling as this uses less fuel. If you travel with them on the roof, make sure you pay attention to the maximum height limits for tunnels.


Caravan or trailers


Don’t forget to insure your caravan or trailer before you leave. Check your Motor Insurance Card to find out whether it’s already been arranged.


For caravans and trailers, there are different speed limits in effect in different countries.
Use the following link to check the speeds for your travel trajectory:

Tolls, badges and vignettes

In a number of European countries, caravans and trailers need to pay specific tolls or display a vignette.
Check the rules here



A tyre that is not at the right pressure is not only less safe, it increases your fuel consumption and results in more wear and tear. Always check your tyre pressure before you leave. A higher tyre pressure is advised for heavier loads. Replace tyres if the depth of the grooves is less than 2 mm.


Flat tyre

Keep in mind that a new vehicle will not always have a spare tyre, just a tyre repair kit. Check the repair set in advance and make sure you bring the instructions with you.


What you need to know about fuel?

Be careful because it’s easy to make a mistake:

  • Availability of CNG is limited outside Belgium.
  • Also make sure you bring the right attachments with you.

Red warning lights

These lights warn you of serious defects that may lead to major problems. If you see a red warning light glowing, immediately move to the side of the road and turn your engine off. Contact ALD Automotive on +32 (0)2 7 06 41 41.


Orange warning lights

These lights come on in the event of less serious irregularities. They still demand attention from a vehicle dealer.

Breakdown? What do you do now?

bel klantenservice

Breakdown or accident?

+32 (0)2 706 41 41


In Belgium, the waiting time is approximately 1 hour.

Abroad, the waiting time is approximately 2 hours.

leen auto

Replacement vehicle

Depending on the state of the vehicle, you’ll be brought home or receive a replacement vehicle for five days.
fijne vakantie

Enjoy your vacation!


Accident to declare?

  • Attach your Crashstickers on fields 6 to 8 of the European Accident Declaration form. You’ll find the Crashstickers in your My Copilot (only for drivers that are covered by ALD Automotive).



Thanks to you’ll have ALD Automotive at your fingertips at all times. You’ll always be able to contact us with ease.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it, ALD mobile provides assistance. Using geo-localisation, we guide you to the nearest address for tyres, maintenance or a solution to your problem.


Toll calculations in France

A toll calculator that works out your total toll, from beginning to end, for using tollways in France.

To the website

App "Going Abroad"

To make things easier, download the app “Going Abroad” for an update on the road safety rules on the European roads. The app is available in the App Store, Google play and the Windows Phone Store.


To the website

Rules for the use of navigation devices

Radar detectors are prohibited. Their installation may lead to high fines (from 75€ to 6000€ depending on the country). Radar warning systems like GPS devices with POI function (Point of Interest), Coyote, … which inform drivers about cameras and mobile radars are however tolerated in most European countries.

Prepare your mobility.

Exploring your holiday destination on foot, by bike or by public transportation, a joyfull adventure sometimes.

Numerous apps could prove to be very helpful aswell such as “Travel Bird” « Time Out », « Citymapper »,...

Mobile data roaming

Excellent news! As from June 15th, roaming costs are no longer applicable in the European Economic Union. Beware! Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, The Vatican and San Marino do not belong to the European Economic Union, hence roaming costs may still be charged.

Roaming fees will no longer apply, as long as you use your phone abroad on a temporary basis. Your service provider may of course offer you better prices, please contact him.


Contact your service provider to make sure that roaming fees abroad (within the EU) will be charged as regular fees.


If you feel that your service provider has violated your rights regarding the prices and terms of roaming services, contact him and ask him to solve this issue as fast as possible. If the answer does not suit you, please see with the national regulators.


How fast am I allowed to drive in…?

Depending on the country you are in, you might need to adjust your speed on the highway.



In the excitement of preparing a trip to go on holiday, we always forget something… A check list is key to be able to leave with peace of mind.

ALD Automotive wishes you a safe trip!